About Us

As young as I can remember growing up in the Chicano culture, I always looked for ways to escape the drama it presented at times.

For me, it was sneaking out to hang out with the "homies" from the neighborhood and playing video games. Other times it was going to the beach in my hometown of San Diego, CA to enjoy the ocean and get away, just for awhile. Then there were those times when young "traviesos" like me would do things we shouldn't be doing, like spray painting graffiti on walls.

As I grew older, by the grace of God, my family and I moved out of the hood, I had to find other ways to ease my mind when life presented obstacles. Looking back, the common theme was that there was always a candle burning somewhere nearby.

My name is Beto, and I love my space to smell good.

Growing up in San Diego in a neighborhood known as Golden Hills, I always knew there was a creative side to me. Throughout my school years, art class was the only class I actually liked. I eventually enrolled in a local college for web and graphic design. I loved designing and I knew I wanted to use it to explore something new and exciting and to help small businesses excel through their marketing efforts using my designs.

Now here I am -- owner of a few businesses, Cultura Candle Co., is one of them.

I did my homework. I looked everywhere researching the best healthy and safe techniques to create and design the perfect candle. After months of testing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cultura Candle Co. was born.

I am not ashamed of where I came from, and I named my candle business Cultura to allow me the permission to add a "Mexican Proverb" on each label I think you will enjoy, especially if you grew up in the LatinX culture.

All of the Cultura candles are carefully crafted using safe ingredients such as soy blend wax, cotton wicks, and phthalate free oils. Every candle is made by hand by me and my partner in our kitchen in El Paso, TX – from blending fragrances, wicking the container, designing the labels, to shipping out the finished product. We are proud of each candle we make and wouldn't have a problem lighting one in our own home.

So, when life presents hard times (whatever that may look like), and you’re looking to unwind and escape, you can definitely find your ease and soothe your mind with Cultura Candle Co.


“Granny me haces un favor, I need you to light a candle for me, I havea huge test tomorrow!” - young me

To this day these words come out of my mouth occasionally. The faith that our Latin culture places in lighting a single candle is like no other. Respect is given to the simple jar of wax being lit, in hopes that the God or the Saints would listen and help intervene for our betterment. Candles have always fixed everything for me... except that one time I almost burned down the house. Dios Mio! On rough days they bring a sense of calm, on dark days they bring light, and on joyous occasions they make wishes come true.

Covid-19 has brought many challenges to many this year. Being forced to sit and be still forced the creative juices to flow bringing with it a candle making hobby. With the help of my partner, family and friends the dream of starting a business was born. So I hope you enjoy our candles as much as we enjoy making them for you. Echale ganas mi gente and let’s celebrate this life with love, light and candles!